The Ensemble VIENNA Strings

VIENNA Strings was formed nearly twenty years ago. Originally a classical string quartet, the ensembe has successfuly expanded its repertory over the years to include modern entertainment music.

Our motto has become: "From the classics to pop in string sound"

Music for Every Occasion

Our ultimate desire is to arrange a unique music programme for every single event.

Each location comes with different demands and our sound system is able to accommodate to a wide range of requirements. We can also provide an amplifying equipment to adapt to large premises or high numbers of guests.

With our exceptionally comprehensive offer as string quartet with the potential of including piano and voice we are able to accompany your event from A to Z.

We would be happy to compile a non-binding offer for your wedding, vernissage, conference, graduation etc. any time.

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Viennese String Quartet Music

Alongside baroque music from Georg Friedrich Händel and his contemporaries and classical Viennese music from Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart one of our focuses lies on Viennese music and the waltzes of Johann Strauß, Franz Lehár, Emmerich Kálmán, Johann Schrammel and many more.

At our concerts we always endeavour to build a bridge between the various areas of music and thus become ambassadors of the Viennese music scene.

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Our Musicians"The Strings"

Rainer Sulzgruber Violin
Johanna Sulzgruber Violin
Roland Spindler Viola
Wolfgang Ender Cello
Walter Bass Piano

VIENNA Strings
Pezzlgasse 22/8
1170 Wien, Österreich

Tel.: +43(0)650 88 777 20

We offer you not only virtuoso classical music but also appealing contemporary music for your wedding, for celebrations at your business, for dances and more.

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