Music for your wedding

Your wedding, the most wonderful day of your life, should also be an unforgettable musical experience.

To this end we offer a special comprehensive selection of musical treasures:

The music in the church, and later at an agape and the reception, will be filled with festive vocals, exquisite strings, and organ. The reception dinner will be accompanied by classical dinner music followed by dance music performed by our own gala dance ensemble. The choice of music is yours: traditional waltz rhythms, spirited standards, latest pop and rock hits, or a combination of all of these. We can also arrange new musical ideas to assure that the music at your wedding is exactly as you want it.
Choosing VIENNA STRINGS means that every musical aspect of your wedding day can be attended to. It is, of course, possible to book our participation for any single stage of your wedding ceremony.
Simply tell us how you would like to musically plan your wedding day and we will promptly provide you with a proposal.

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