Successful engagements as ballroom ensemble, for instance in the atmospheric setting of the renowned Vienna Kursalon and the Parkhotel Schönbrunn confirm the concept and motto of VIENNA STRINGS: "From classics to pop in string sound."

Book us for your dance party, for tea and dance, or a summer celebration and your guests will be regaled with everything that fine dance music entails, performed by one single ensemble.

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Freie Trauung -

A Very Vintage Wedding

Braut Bolero, Braut Stola, Blumenkinderjacken und Babydecken

Rainer Sulzgruber



Music as you like it

We look forward to responding to all of your questions regarding the kind of music you would like to hear at your event. You can hear us live at weddings in churches and cathedrals in Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Upper Austria. We would also be pleased to send you our presentation CD or invite you to one of our rehearsals to personally hear and select exactly what you would like to have at your event.

VIENNA STRINGS have performed at many wedding celebrations both civil and religious, as well as in venues such as the Golden Hall of the Vienna Philharmonic Society, the Vienna Concert House, the Vienna Kursalon, or the Parkhotel Schönbrunn.

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