Shall we dance?

Our gala ensemble of electronic strings and keyboard - with a top notch female vocalist, if that's what you choose - is a perfect choice for your dance party. With our state of the art sound equipment we can fill a dance floor of any imaginable dimension with music from our broad repertory encompassing all popular dance music styles.
Espacially the hit and film music that defined the musical world from 1920 to 1960 comes alive with our ensemble. We include all of the famous steps: foxtrot, slow waltz, Charleston, rumba, cha-cha-cha, samba. Or, if you prefer, we will give you highlights of rock and pop, including oldies from the sixties, disco hits from the seventies and eighties up to songs dominating the charts today. Needless to say we are always ready to perform the most famous of all Viennese Music: Strauss waltzes and melodies from the Merry Widow era of Viennese operettas.
Our advantage is clear: book us for your dance party, for tea and dance, or a summer celebration and your guests will be regaled with everything that fine dance music entails, performed by one single ensemble. Don't wait. Send us your ideas for that special event.
We will immediately start designing the right musical concept for your festivity.

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