Musical ideas for your dance

VIENNA STRINGS has already provided the music of many festive balls in cooperation with the dance school Ellmayer und Rueff. The broad repertory of the VIENNA STRINGS encompasses dance music ranging from classical standards, Latin American, evergreens, to hits from rock and pop.
Our unique sound unites the traditions of dance orchestra and dance band to form a new dimension of musical entertainment.
For the inauguration of the ball, accompanied live by VIENNA STRINGS, we work in partnership with the dance school to coordinate rehearsals and musical details.    
Then, after a spirited mix of walzes, polkas, foxtrot, rumba, samba, boogie, jive and pasodoble the mid-night quadrille begins, the highlight of any successful ball night.  
Our vocalist sings only the best songs. Jazz standards, oldies, but also recent songs topping the hit list. 
We invite you to browse through our repertory list and would welcome your suggestions or new ideas. 

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